“Roses, dogs, birds. From childhood everyone directly grasps that life is designed – until they’re talked out of it by a culture saturated with materialism. This excellent book clearly and concisely explains why your first understanding was exactly right. Using the latest science on the molecules of life, molecular biologist Douglas Axe shows why you don’t have to be an expert to trust your firm knowledge of the wonderful design of life.”
— Michael J. Behe, author of Darwin’s Black Box

“Douglas Axe’s Undeniable is bold, insightful and world-changing. It’s also a joy to read. I recommend it highly!”
— Phillip E. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Law at U. C. Berkeley and author of Darwin on Trial

“Great scientists are as much artists as scientists. Enchanted by the beauty of the world, they see through ideologies to facts. In this engaging book, with facts and humility and humor and reason, Axe uses ‘common science’ to consider the biggest mystery: To what or to whom do we owe our existence? I greatly enjoyed it.”
— Dean Koontz, New York Times bestselling author

“Probably the most engaging book I have read in the past 10 years, because of Dr. Axe’s clear explanations and profound insights. It is technical enough in the rare places where it needs to be, but it quickly becomes obvious that mere technicality could never deliver the significance one finds here. This is an important book, perhaps the best one in existence, for anyone who takes origins questions seriously, whatever their perspective.”
Charles Garner, Professor of Organic Chemistry, Baylor University

“In Undeniable, Dr. Axe has carefully crafted a case that strongly favors our human intuition that life was designed. As a protein chemist, he gives numerous examples and reasons why unguided evolution (even of a cell’s protein molecules) is improbable in the extreme. This book’s power to convince surpasses that of anything else I have ever read (on origins science) during my 65 years as an engineer, biophysicist, and physiologist.”
— Mark C. Biedebach, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Biological Sciences, California State University, Long Beach

“Undeniable is a marvelous book, both engaging and convincing—a true masterpiece.”
— Marcos Eberlin. Professor of Chemistry, University of Campinas, member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences

“Life begs for an explanation. Written from point of view of a molecular biologist Undeniable makes a compelling case based on current research and human reasoning that living organisms were designed by an intelligent agent, i.e. God. Axe makes a decisive blow at the foundations of the materialistic explanations of the origin and diversity of life’s forms that have dominated biology for the past 200 years. He demonstrates an informed grasp of the current scientific and philosophical information which he communicates in an interesting style that can be understood by most laymen. Undeniable will change the way you think about the living world.”
— Donald Ewert, PhD, Director of Research at the Hough Ear Institute and Former Wistar Institute Research Scientist

“Douglas Axe is one of the very few experimental scientists who has used his skills to test the validity of evolutionary mechanisms as a source of inventions. Here, he concludes that we can trust our common [universal] design intuition; it is supported by science, whereas evolutionary stories are anti-science.”
— Matti Leisola, D.Sc. Professor Emeritus of Bioprocess Engineering, Aalto University, Finland

“Many say we must accept that life is ultimately due to a grand cosmic accident, that evolution is an unguided purposeless process and that we must deny our experience. Axe describes why the design we see in nature fits with scientific observation as well as with our ‘undeniable’ experience.”
— Russell W. Carlson, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Georgia

“That life is designed has long been an uncontroversial idea, but starting about a century ago, to be “real” scientists, biologists now had to think like physicists: reductionist, materialist and mechanist. In Undeniable, Douglas Axe performs a remarkable act of intellectual jiu-jitsu, finding evidence of design in the uttermost molecular details of life and evolution, those very details that were supposed to banish antiquated notions of design from our thinking. No matter what side of the design debate you happen to be on, Douglas Axe’s thoughtful book Undeniable is worth reading, engaging and debating.”
— J Scott Turner, Professor of Biology, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, New York

“So often we read secondary accounts of the intelligence that lurks behind the wonders of life. In Undeniable we are privy to a first-hand account of the evidence for intelligence, and also the painful professional cost of swimming against the flow of an accepted, but unproven, dogma. A must-read.”
— Gerald Schroeder, author of The Science of God and God According to God